Handful of Walnuts Everyday to Keep The Doctor Away!

As good as its title sounds, walnuts are quite the thing you are looking for to keep your general body health high. In a 100-gram serving, a walnut can provide 654 kcal of rich content of dietary minerals, manganese, vitamin B and essential oils.

These ingredients are the ultimate helpers with the fight against diabetes, skin and body care, lowering the risk of heart diseases, weight control and many more. So we wanted to put some emphasis on this miraculous food.

Protects Your Heart

High levels of omega-3 fatty acids make walnuts very beneficial to your cardiovascular system. It has been discovered that eating just a few walnuts a day could easily help to reduce your blood pressure! Those with high blood pressure better start taking notes!

Improves Your Immune System

High amounts of antioxidants in walnuts keep your immune system healthy and prevent diseases related to it. Always keep walnuts in your diet to stay healthy and fit!

Makes You Smarter

Ever noticed the shape of a walnut kernel? It's a brain isn't it? Turns out, the omega-3 fatty acids in the walnuts are also good for your brain. Walnuts being rich in omega-3 fatty acids keeps your nervous system up and working while it improves your memory.

Gives You A Healthy and Beautiful Skin

It's true, walnuts actually delay aging of the skin with its moisturizing effects on dry skin and helps you with the dark circles too! Applying walnut oil to your skin will balance a moisturized texture on your skin whilst eating them would also help you to protect your hair healthy and make them longer as much as you want!

Keep These Side Effects In Mind!

Those who are intolerant to any kind of nuts should strictly avoid having walnuts in the first place as it may cause allergic reactions such as tightness in the throat or chest, hives, breathing difficulties, and rashes.

Also try not to mix it up with other medications you're using. The tannins present in the hull reduce the absorption of the medication and may cause health problems. Always consult with your doctor before eating walnuts if you're on special type of medication.

Also look out for skin cancer, iron deficiency, liver and kidney damage, skin rashes and liver and kidney damage risks it may cause when used daily. So always make sure you have a word with your doctor if you're looking to include more walnuts in your diet in the future.

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