Just as Good as the Dried Ones: Green Almonds

Bigger, juicy and more benefits! Green almonds basically has all the benefits that raw almonds provide in larger amounts. They're well-known for their medical benefits and we've listed them for you here:

Health and Wellbeing

  • With flavonoids it has, green almonds are essential with their ability of enhancing antioxidants in our body.

  • Green almonds are one of the very few foods that fights against 'malicious cholesterols' such as lipoprotein. Eat them regularly to keep your cholestorel levels balanced.

  • If you want to maintain healthy teeth and bones, try to consume green almonds regularly. The phosphorus it has helps you to keep a healthy skeletal system.

  • Regulate your insulin levels with a handful of green almonds after each meal and keep the glucose level of your bloodstream check.

  • Detox? Green almonds is your answer. With its rich antioxidant structure, green almonds is your go-to-food for perfect detox.

Skin Care

  • Antioxidants in green almonds' structure come in really handy if you're looking to maintain a healthy skin as vitamin E is a very important one to cleanse your skin from toxic materials and have a smooth and clear skin eventually.

  • Vitamin E that green almonds contain is also very effective as a anti-aging component.

Hair Care

  • Hair loss prevention? Green almonds can help you with that too. With its protein, vitamin E and zinc-rich component, green almonds is a really effective to prevent excessive loss of hair and strengthen your tresses.

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